Cultural Anthropology


  1. the study of humankind, in particular.

    • the comparative study of human societies and cultures, and their development.

In the name of a critical and historical understanding of fashion and its complex intersections with identities and cultures, IIIRD CITIZEN investigates the material and visual dimensions of fashion as dress, image, and bodily practice and as a major cultural industry that positions the individual within society and the world.

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Kenny Jules Morifi-Winslow is a published fashion scholar and writer. She uses her blog as a platform on which to discuss the intricate details of the fashion and food industries, from a socio-political perspective, focusing on community, ethical production and sustainable design. True luxury is artisanal quality, an ethos she tries to maintain in her work.

The platform is a long form and photo essay style publication, that aims to not only celebrate the positive impact ‘design done right’ can have on communities and cultures, but the world at large.

The blog IIIRD CITIZEN is so entitled for the three countries Kenny originates from and explores through her work; South Africa, England and the United States. Currently based in New York, she commutes between Johannesburg, London, Cape Town and New York throughout the year, to stay current on popular culture, going wherever the research leads.

A well-travelled digi-cultural anthropologist, Kenny uses blogging as a tool to connect consumers with brands who have a strong community impact, an attention to ethical practice and artisanal quality, and make an effort towards luxury eco-consciousness. Her style is laid back androgyny meets afro-minimalism, with a flare for architectural tailoring in neutral earthy tones. As food is a huge part of culture and community, she takes a vested interest in food practice, focusing in particular on organic and vegan lifestyles, in keeping with her ethos of environmental sustainability.

With a Bachelors of Social Science in Art History, Anthropology and Media and Writing, an Honours degree in Anthropology, and a Masters degree in Fashion Studies from Parsons School of Design, Kenny is not only a critical writer, but also a forward thinking creative.