Who Wore It Better?

If you ever doubted my taste, you are no longer welcome at the table because behold, the queen and I in matching Ellery dresses! If you know me well, you are very aware that Solange is both my big sister and my life goals. Not only is she a natural beauty, she is a passionate wife and mother, a savvy business woman, and a social activist and champion of the creative class. THREE CHEERS FOR SOLO! I don't actually want you to vote for who wore it better, because OBVIOUSLY the queen wins every time, but can we just bask in the twinning moment?

Shop the Precocious Off The Shoulder Ellery dress here at Plan De Ville

A word from PDV -

The Precocious Dress by Ellery is our favorite statement of the season. The off the shoulder neckline sits high on the décolletage, with three-quarter length arms that fall into a cascading ruffle sleeve; Kym Ellery’s latest take on the abstracted shirtsleeve. The midi-length dress is a straight column shape with a front slit.