Winter Skin Diary | Bobbi Brown

Winter is creeping slowly into the region, and I'm not mad at it. For the most part, I prefer an Autumnal wardrobe; coats, boots, scarves and hot coffee, but skin would disagree if it could talk. I've just come off of a 3 month course of Roaaccutane, a heavy anti-biotic that clears the skin but with extreme effects. My skin is thirsty, and my lips are dry. I've been using Eucerin medicated face creams to nourish my fragile skin, but now that the course is done, I'm switching to a more luxurious range of products to help me achieve a youthful, dewy glow. Step in, Bobbi Brown.

I'm going to be doing a two week diary of some of my favourite Bobbi skincare products, including the new range of Remedies. I chose 3 remedies to target issues specific to my skin type and post medication condition. Stay tuned for my Week 1 Updates and then Week 2 conclusion.

In conjunction with the Remedies, I'll be using the Hydrating Face Cream, and the Extra Eye Repair Cream. Skin is the most important part of any beauty regime, take care of the largest organ in your body with good quality products and a consistent routine.