Black Is The Only Colour | Skip


It may not come as a surprise to you, that black is my favorite colour. It’s versatile, elegant, edgy and refined all at once, and makes getting dressed in the morning for a hectic day, one less thing to worry about. In general, my wardrobe palette is pretty neutral, and I prefer to keep my pieces really mix and match, for a Jenga like wardrobe experience when dressing.


When your colour palette is rather simple, however, it becomes extra important to pay attention to shapes, textures and fabrics, to ensure your looks are fresh and interesting, no matter the monochrome. Two of my favorite local designers are legends when it comes to delicate construction in hardy, wearable, yet breathable fabrics. Celeste of Selfi and Ella of Superella have won over my heart with their consistently gorgeous linen wares in a colour palette that fits right into the rest of my wardrobe.



The problem with black, especially when used on fabric like linen, is it tends to fade after a few washes, and begins to lose the vibrancy that makes black such an iconic wardrobe staple. Blacks turn to greys and suddenly the whole look is off.  Enter new Skip Intelligent Perfect Darks concentrated auto washing liquid with fiber care technology. This magical liquid helps keep the richness of dark colors on your clothes, especially black, which keeps them looking newer for longer. I have been using the product in my weekly wash of all my darks, and am so impressed with the results. My clothes look good as new and have not showed any signs of fading or greying! I even put the product to the test by washing old jeans of mine that had already begun fading, and the result on the first wash was incredible. The little black that was left in the pair, became really vibrant once more, making the fading in the jeans look deliberate, like an acid wash, instead of like I’ve worn them too many times.


This new Skip Intelligent variant comes in Perfect Darks, for rich black and jewel tones, Perfect Whites, for crisp whites and in my case, linens, and also Perfect Delicates, for your lacy camis, lingerie and embellished garments. You can purchase this product at any of your major local retailers. Stay tuned as I give those two a try soon, but heads up, the Perfect Whites is just as good as the Perfect Blacks, so my guess is Delicates will be amazing too!