I walk passed this place almost every day and always tell myself to go inside. I'm always in a hurry, a symptom of the city, and never find the time. I had deadlines up to my neck, so now seemed like as good a time as any to head out for a change of scenery close enough to home that I wouldn't inconvenience myself, but in a new enough environment that I would feel inspired to actually get something done. Lightbulb moment, this place is less than 2 minutes away from my apartment, like literally on my block, so aha, I took the plunge. 

It's bright inside; inviting in that minimalist, clean space kind of way that says, come inside and put your tote bag down for a steaming hot cup of something from a far away land, in a super instagramable mug. So that's what I did. Now keep in mind, it clearly states that this place specialises in Greek Yoghurt. The signage is everywhere, 'tasting culture' is the tag line (as in cultured milk), so I was really chancing it with my very particular dairy aversions; I tried my luck anyway. 

'I'm sorry, this probably seems like a very silly questions to ask in a place like this, but do you guys by any chance of Almond or Soy milk?' 

'Sure, I got you, we have both.'

'Wonderful, I'll have an Almond Milk Matcha (a high caffeine powder made from ground Green Tea leaves) Latte and the WIFI password please.'

Success. The huge hanging menus on the wall list a range of very hip sounding coffees and confections, deconstructed salads and smoothies of the dairy and non dairy variety. I felt right at home. The barista was a cuddly chap in his late 20's who smiled as he decorated my hot beverage with what I think was a could have been feather, depending on how hard you squint. I took my steaming cup and strolled down the corridor, noticing the big wall of preserves, jams and honeys, making a mental note to come back for birthday gifts. I passed a long window on my left that over looked a lab, yes a lab, I'm talking white coat and everything. Huge silver vats and industrial coolers lined the walls, 'they're culturing they're own yoghurt' I thought to myself, 'how very hip.'

There are corners all over the place, all with Macbook friendly surfaces, and plug points in abundance. Lots of books, art on the walls, and wooden benches and tables. I'm at home. I made myself comfortable and ventured outside to explore. A fun Mumford and Sons type outdoor fairy-lights set up, and industrial-art bench situation make for what would be the perfect wedding reception venue in my head, but remember I hadn't had my coffee yet, I was running with it. Bottom line? Super cool. 

The menu is minimalistic, focusing on simple well made dishes made with the care of time honoured tradition with attention to quality ingredients. I read somewhere that they believe in upholding the pillars of authentic Greek culture of community, and prove it through their transparent production processes and fair trade Arabica. The assortment of quality hot and cold beverages is nothing short of spectacular, and their accommodation of vegan food preferences, worthy of another drive-by or two. An all together stellar spot, I'm glad I went. Come one, come all, come vegans, come....everyone else.